“Eat clean. Breathe Deep. Embrace Happiness. Live in Balance.” – Tone it Up


Tone it up with Karena and Katrina. Last week we showed you Blogilates as our “Wednesday Workout”. If you don’t really like Pilates then maybe this is more for you. Karena and Katrina have killer bodies but you can get a killer body too!

Karena and Katrina are the founders of Tone it Up. In 2009 they launched their company with only $3,000 investment. Now their company has grown into a multi-million dollar business with a huge community. So they are business girls AND fit girls!



Besides working out it’s also super important to eat healthy (but you of course already knew that).

Source: Tone it Up


They have an amazing youtube channel but they also have a blog where they share their workouts, recipes and lifestyle tips.
So if you’re really willing to give up your unhealthy lifestyle and start working out (more), go check out their blog and youtube channel. Follow their Nutrition Plan, workouts and sign up to their community.

No more excuses, let’s do this!

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