Ways To Style Bandana

Bandana- one of the most favorite thing to wear and add to your look during warmer months. It adds that fun pop of color, it gives your outfit a youth look and overall it just that kind of summer vibe we’ve all been looking for. Over the time we have been spotting bloggers and influencers adding bandanas to their looks. No matter the color or the print, a bandana will be a fresh detail to any style you have.

Today at Fashiolista we are sharing our favorite ways to style bandanas and help you get inspired.

Bandana In Your Hair

It’s one of the most popular ways to style bandanas. It’s simple but yet convenient. Keeping those hairs out of your face while looking fashionable and stylish.

Source: Julia Friedman




Source: Pinterest








Bandana Around Your Neck

A classic, but never forgotten. You can give your outfit a perfect touch of elegance and class or switch things around and turn to more chill and laid-back vibes. Pair a bandana with white, simple knot or worn as a choker.

Source: Carmen Hamilton



Source: Pinterest





Source: Annabelle Fleur











Source: Oracle Fox










Bandana As An Accessory

Some may say it’s new, some may say it’s old. But overall we sure do love it. Use a bandana as an accessory by tieing up to your bag, add it to your hair or use it as a stylish belt.

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Source: Paulien Riemis




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Source: Carmen Hamilton

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