Vintage Treasure: Louis Vuitton

I am more vintage than I am high fashion. – Katerina Graham

A women’s handbag is a secret to any men and curiosity to any women. The bag is like our personal diary, filled with all sorts of secrets, memories, and stories to tell. Each bag is a new story and an extension of a women’s personality…

Source: Babette van Luyk

But the truth is when we look for a new bag to add to our personal collection, we look for something that is trustworthy, long lasting, looks good with what we wear, fashionable and we want the bag to be unique and one of a kind. Well, a bag like this does exist…

We are sure you’ve already seen many fashion bloggers, influencers and maybe even your friends or family members turn to vintage pieces as their choice of apparel, including vintage designer bags. There is something about the feeling of owning a vintage bag, vintage shoes or a vintage piece of clothing. It makes you feel unique and maybe even different (in a good way of course). Blogger and writer Lian Galliard is all about vintage bags, and she is more than happy to say:

One women’s trash is definitely another women’s treasure

The love for vintage can also be spotted by bloggers such as Babette van Luyk, Ghislaine Handiri, Stephanie Abu-Sbeih and many others. If you scroll through their social media you can see them rocking a vintage bag almost every day for any occasion. The thought of owning a vintage piece, with its unique story, a piece that has lived and seen many things will now be ready by your side, to be part of a new journey to add to their list of many others.

Vintage items are popular because of their one of a kind feel. That’s what fashion and personal style is all about. When you own a vintage item, a bag, shoes or jewelry it’s up to you how you style it with new pieces or the ones you already have. It’s your side of creativity that peeks through the moment you get your hands on something vintage.

Source: Babette van Luyk
Source: Ghislaine Handiri












A vintage bag is a timeless piece of history with its own unique value. It’s a bag, with a personal story to tell. Anyone who has touched a vintage item understands the luxurious feeling and the inner satisfaction. Knowing no one will have the same exact bag as yours, all those wrinkles, stains or scratches. Each of them has individual meaning and value. It’s like a personal statement to your look and everyday style.

And no doubt if you heard of vintage designer bags you definitely heard about Louis Vuitton bags. It’s one of the best selling brands with a wide range of new bag designs, styles, materials and many more. With upcoming seasons there are more and more bags to be introduced but there’s something special about an old, classic bag. We just can’t forget the classics. The well known and seen The Speedy bag, The Neverfull, The Neo and many more. These are the bags that we remember and seek for.

Source: Babette van Luyk

Vintage bags are made of great quality, with beautiful textures and designs. A bag that is there to share its story and make new memories with you.

Source: Lian Galliard

Fashiolista is bringing you a variety of Louis Vuitton vintage designer bags to choose from and add to your ever-growing bag collection.

Source: Lovely Pepa

You can shop them here:

LOUIS VUITTON Gibeciere MM AR 0911

LOUIS VUITTON Cartouchierre GM 872 SL

LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 25 SP 1000

LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull PM TH 0078

LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Azure DU 2087


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