The Classic Red Lips

All I need is my Chanel dress, my Louboutins, and some red lipstick. – Blake Lively


Source: Jessica Wang

There’s something about that timeless and iconic classic red lip, that is still one of the most popular lip shades there is today. It’s one of those colors that will probably never go out of style… The perfect touch of elegance and glamour with a dash of mysterious sexiness. It’s a statement that everyone seems to love and it for sure boosts your confidence like nothing else. Tho’, majority still think that red lips only suit certain people and not everyone…

But that’s wrong!

The red lip can suit and look good on anyone, the key here is to find the right shade that works for you and your skin tone.

And when you find it, you will for sure pull off the red lip look like a pro.

Red lipstick will brighten anyone’s face.

When it comes to red lipstick shades, there are so many to choose from. From classics Merlin Monroe red to more natural looking ones.

Well, if you are someone with a fair skin color chose bright reds with blue undertones for an everyday look. This will add the perfect vibrant touch, while the blue undertones will compliment the similar blue undertones in your skin. And for a night out choose something darker, sticking with the blues, chose blue-based burgundy.

Source: Jessica Wang

If you’re with a medium complexion, for an everyday look choose fiery-orange reds, that will complement the yellow tones in your skin and for a night out – rich raspberry red.

For ladies with olive complexions, during the day choose orange-infused reds like poppy and coral. This one will make your olive skin pop. And for those wild nights go for a classic fire red.

If you have a tan complexion, go for that perfect pop with cherry reds, and for the night look, choose earthy hues with a tinge of brown. Your tan complexion will go beautifully with the brown undertones.

And lastly, for our beautiful deep complexion ladies, we advise you choose vibrant orange-reds. Your deep skin tone with warm undertones will go great with the orange tone. And when it comes to the nigh looks, go for raisin red, a perfect brownish-red which always looks good on deeper skin tones.


Source: Jessica Wang

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