The 5 Summer Must-Haves

If you’re just as passionate about looking good and feeling great this summer as us, you’ll love these summer must haves of 2017 we picked out for you! We assure you that these items will not only make you look fa-bu-lous, they are also super comfy and make you look your absolute best.


Thick, thin, full of colour or black/white: you need to brighten up your wardrobe with some stripes this summer. A striped top is the easiest thing to wear and combine, but if you want to go all out: try mixing a striped top with striped pants; highly fashionable!

Women of all shapes and sizes can rock this must-have summer item. High-waisted bikini’s put a lot of emphasis on your booty, so make sure it fits perfectly and the quality of the fabric is good (nobody rocks a diaper look-a-like. Really, nobody.)

Show off your pretty face! It’s the best company when going to a party or visiting the beach. Don’t give this trend a cold shoulder, try it – we know you’ll love it!

Because after all, there’s no better way to celebrate summer than to do it with flowers, right?

Whether you want to go incognito or check out some people without being noticed, wear a good hat. We all know that bigger isn’t always better, but in this hat-case, it is. Go big or go home.

Ever since she was a little girl, she was surrounded by fashionable ladies. She still remembers how she would fall asleep on her grandmother's lap and use her Hermes scarf as a blanket.

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