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The biggest boss has the clearest desk.

Sometimes all it takes to get inspired and motivated is a perfect workspace, or in this case – desk. Even the smallest details on your desk can either be a distraction or become a relaxing and calming detail that actually helps you.

Today we would like to share some of the tips and inspirations for styling your desk to get the most of it.

Here are some mandatory items to have on your desk:

1. Natural light -we all love to daydream, and that’s not a bad thing. But overall, natural light is one of the best and most important detail, when trying to create the perfect workspace. We don’t want to fall asleep by accident. So if there is a possibility, be sure to place your desk by the window. And if not, a cute lamp works too.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

2. Stationary – desk without stationary will not feel fully complete. Now there is so much lovely and stylish stationery to choose from. From minimalist designs and monochrome color schemes to full-on color burst, we sure you will find your style. Just have one or few notebooks with few pens or pencils on your desk and you’re ready to create something spectacular.

3. Art/Inspiration- If there is no possibility to have your desk by the window, there is no need to get sad about it. Use the wall in front of your desk and will it up with things that inspire you. Maybe pictures of people u admire, mood board, color, or even your favorite art piece. That will add that light you’re missing. Chose things that will give you that push when you lack of inspiration or energy.

4.  Flowers or plants – a perfect touch to add some color and life to your desk. They completely change the overall look of the workspace as well as the entire room. And it’s a great detail to get inspired by.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest



5. Details – this part includes all the details that will fill up the missing gaps. If you’re a candle lover, that feels calm surrounded by it, then, sure enough, add a nice candle to your desk. If not candle, then a small art piece will work as well. Have a weakness for a cute mug? well then add that and while working enjoy some delicious drink.



The key to styling your desk it keeps it minimal, but yet still cozy. Do not over clutter with things you don’t need or never use it. Create a place that has enough space for you to work on and not feel constrained. We are a bit obsessed with blogger Lilia Kazakova from Lily-Like and the way she creates her workspace. And plus she did came up with a gorgeous stationary collection. Overall it a good idea to listen to someone who studies law and knows what works the best.

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Source: Pinterest

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