Stay or Leave: Micro Sunglasses

“Sunglasses are like eyeshadow: They make everything look younger and pretty” – Karl Lagerfeld

As most have said many times before, trends keep on coming back. Tip for you, keep your accessories and clothing long enough and surely you will be able to wear them again in a couple of years.

Source: Camila Coelho

And this 90’s tend sure was not an excuse. The micro sunglasses have lately been all over social media. From our favorite celebrities to fashion bloggers and influencers, the tiny sunglasses having their comeback again.

After  Balenciaga‘s  2017 runway show and then followed by Prada, everyone went mad for them. Now the 90’s sunglasses can be spotted on the influencers: Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, and Leandra Medine, Racquel Natasha, Nadia FairFax and many more.

Source: Chiara Ferragni


The micro sunglasses adds futuristic sci-fi vibes to your look, and to some, it might remind the good old The Matrix movies, well they are not wrong. But overall is your personal choice that will add to your look. A flirty cat-eye, or a rose pink shade. Round or mirrored squares. A bold shade of color like yellow, red or orange.

Source: Chriselle Lim

To be fair this trend might not be for all. Those with small faces and sharp jaws will look better with them than others.

But the question is…

Do We Love them or Do We Hate them?

We are letting you decide. Should this trend stay or leave?



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