Shop the Look: Minimalist Jewelry

The simplest things are often the truest.

With the minimalist lifestyle trend going on stronger and faster, we keep on noticing that the same goes for our jewelry picks.

You can spot many bloggers and influencers pairing minimal jewelry to their daily outfit. Maybe it’s because of that sleek, simple, but yet elegant feeling to it. But sure enough, we seem to get more and more into it too.

To make things easier, we picked some lovely minimal jewelry for you to buy, inspired by some of our favorite bloggers and influencers:


Source: Fiona Dinkelbach















Source: Pepamack










Source: Mirjam Flatau












Source: Kristina Bazan














Source: Lu Hough


Source: Atelier Doré

You can Shop Minimalist Jewelry Here:

ROSEFIELD Chrystie Bracelet

ORELIA Disc Crystal Necklace

CLUB MANHATTAN Magic Stick Studs Earrings


All The Luck In The World – Fortune Eye Bracelet

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