On Our Wishlist: Swim-Essentials Floaties

I could float in the pool for hours, just letting the water carry me.

Source: Swim-Essentials

Whats better during warm and sunny days than to lay by the pool and just chill.

But there is a way to make this ordinary pool day x times better and add some fun to an already lovely day.

Pool Floaties!

We, like many others, are obsessed with floaties and we can not imagine a pool day without at least one of them, and if there is more than one, it’s even better! We spy a Floatie Party!!!

Colorful unicorns, pink flamingos, delicious sprinkled donuts and so many more designs to discover. We are probably not the only ones obsessing over them. You can spot bloggers like Brit Allen, Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song and many others showing their love for these cute floaties too. They sure made them an essential when the warm weather arrives.

Source: Swim-Essentials



Source: Swim-Essentials









This cute little friend will surely put a smile on your face, and it’s one of the must-haves during festival seasons. Swim-Essentials have the most fun and colorful floaties you can think of. We surely believe you will find what you’re looking for!


Source: Swim-Essentials

Shop Floaties Here:

SWIM ESSENTIALS Inflatable Pineapple Cupholder

SWIM ESSENTIALS Swim Ring XXL With Toucan Print

SWIM ESSENTIALS Inflatable Toucan Float

SWIM ESSENTIALS Inflatable Pink Shell Float

SWIM ESSENTIALS Inflatable Flamingo Cupholders 

SWIM ESSENTIALS Inflatable (half) Watermelon Float

SWIM ESSENTIALS Giant Inflatable Flamingo XL Ride-On Float

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