Nail Color Trends To Try this Season

Nailpolish speaks louder than words.

No matter what season, month, day or occasion… We all want to have those perfect and lovely nails. Check out all the nail trends to try for the upcoming seasons. Find what suits your style or try out new colors and styles!

The Classic Red 

When in doubt, wear red. We can totally relate to this saying. No matter what, we sure believe this classic and timeless color will be on trend for many years to come. It’s a perfect nail polish color that will make you feel confident but gives you a classy, elegant and fierce look.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Red Nails
Source: Livingly

Nude Nails

There are some colors that can never go wrong. We think one of those colors is a nude color. That is why, even this season, this color is still a popular nail trend to try. Nude, beige, taupe, pale pink and many others. The trend is simple but fashionable.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Nude Nails
Source: Livingly

Ocean Blue Nails

The Ocean blues. Who doesn’t like the sea and sun? This trend is the perfect way to feel the sunny season on your fingertips. The resemblance to the blue summer sky and the deep ocean is what we love most about this trend.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Blue Nails
Source: Livingly

Bright Matte Nail Polishes

Warm seasons are all about the sun and adding more color to your day. It’s all about the bright colors and having fun. So we are sure you were expecting that bright a nail color is one of the trends this season. Well, they sure are, though a little twist to this look is changing the finish of them. Choose matte over glossy and you’re good to go.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Bright Matte Nails
Source: Livingly

Opaque Shimmer Nails

Are you looking for an easy and quick nail trend? This trend is glamorous and super easy. Add Opaque Shimmers on your nails and you’re ready to steal the show!

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Trends: Metallic Opaque Shimmer Nails
Source: Livingly


Now it is your time mix and match the trend that suits your style!

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