Animal-Inspired Jewelry

I like for jewelry to tell a story and to be able to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s more important than a name, brand, or label.

More then surely we all have a huge love for animals. And when in fashion these days nothing can surprise you, animal inspired jewelry surely was one to come eventually. If we love animals in real life, whats stopping us to show that love and express it in a form of fashion.

Something about these accessories inspired by real breathing beautiful creature, that make you look more alive and adds suitable edginess as well as mystery. And not to forget, no matter the size, this kind of jewelry will always be a statement piece.

To make things easier, we picked some lovely fauna jewelry and accessories for you to buy, inspired by some of our favorite bloggers and influencers:


Source: Tiphaine Marie



Source: Nihan Gorkem


Source: Nada Adelle


Source: Maja Wyh


Source: Alex “Teggy” Weichert

You can Shop Animal Jewelry Here:

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Vintage Tiger Ring

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Vintage Tiger Necklace

KENNETH JAY LANE Vintage Pave Bee Brooch

KENNETH JAY LANE Vintage Jaguar Head Necklace

KENNETH JAY LANE Vintage Door Knockers


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