5x Our Favorite Sunglasses For Spring 2018

Life is too short to wear boring sunglasses in your Instagram selfies!


A great pair of sunnies is a must for anyone to have. It’s not just a perfect shield to protect your eyes from the sun but it’s also the perfect accessory to make your outfit look even better than it already is. And who said sunglasses are only for summer? Wear sunglasses all year-round to protect your eyes (and look good, of course).

This must-have accessory is all you need to look fashionable this season. Spice up your look with a pair of oversized frames or keep it simple but classy with some aviators. If you feel those old retro vibes coming back no need to think twice, try out the classics, they will never disappoint.

Source: Chriselle Lim



Source: Chriselle Lim












If you scrolled through social media you may have noticed bloggers are almost always rocking their favorite shades. Well, now it’s time for you to do the same too!

Feel and look runway ready with the perfect pair of sunnies any day.

It’s Spring and it’s the perfect time to upgrade your collection of sunglasses with new styles and colors.

We collected 5 of our favorite sunglasses for you to try this Spring.

Get inspired and match the perfect pair to your personal style.

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Source: Chriselle Lim

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